TinyJPG - Image Compression Tool to Add to Your Toolbox

Posted in Design Tools

Compressing images is essential for any serious website. Websites that are burdened with heavy images decrease user experience.

Most visitors won’t wait around for even 30 seconds for your page to load! Life is busy and a slow loading website is just annoying. They’ll forget about your page and head to the next; they can do that because there are so many other websites out there. They don’t have to wait around for your website to get its act together.

That’s why we recommend using TinyJPG, a convenient tool for compressing your images intelligently. That means you downsize JPG and PNG files while not sacrificing on quality. Your website will thank you for using this tool. We’ve seen TinyJPG compress images up to 80%. The tool is absolutely free and you can compress up to 20 images at one time!

TinyJPG offers more convenient options and features for a fee like a Photoshop Plugin that can compress images directly in Photoshop, saving you time and improving your workflow.

We were curious to see how well our website was optimized for web performance, so we had Panda (the cute bear mascot for TinyJPG) analyze Ridwan Studios. The good news is that our website is optimized pretty well, and we thank Panda! We’ve had Panda compress most of our images before they go live on our website.

If you’re not sure whether you need the TinyJPG compression tool, head over to TinyJPG and have Panda analyze your website. It’s definitely worth it.