Three Essential Ingredients for Impeccable Web Design

Posted in Design

As with all things, building a good website requires attentiveness to certain key elements. In this article we will at in detail exactly what we think the key ingredients are to making a flawless website. If your website is an exploration in artistry creativity and is not intended to be widely accessible, then you can probably skip the rules about intuitive organization and readable text. However, if your website has a practical motivation and needs to be accessible to many, then you will want to make sure that it is as intuitive as possible.

Intuitive organization

Probably the most important ingredient in good web design is intuitive organization. This is when your website is organized in such a way that its layout is quickly understandable and it is easy for first-time visitors to navigate it. These are some things to consider when determining whether your website is intuitively organized or not:

  1. Are the items on your webpage arranged in order of importance? For example, if your contact form is placed higher hierarchically than your about section then your website probably isn’t arranged in order of importance. For first-time visitors to any website, the first question that will be in mind is what it is that the website is for, so it only makes sense that your about section or the link to it should be one of the first things that visitors see on the page. This same rule applies to everything else.
  2. Is your page arranged in a way that is not too busy or overwhelming? Having too many things placed too closely together can make your page appear challenging and overwhelming. Having generous spacing between items can go a long way in making your site more accessible.


We talked about the importance of establishing an intuitive system of organization between the items on your webpage. Of similar importance is establishing an intuitive hierarchy inside your text and taking measures to ensure that it easy for the eyes.

  1. Is the header text distinct from the body text? Are any sub-headers distinct and are they set in a way that makes it known what they are?
  2. Is there enough spacing between lines in the body text? Poor spacing can make your body text difficult to read. A generous amount of spacing greatly enhances readability.
  3. If the body text is long, then is it appropriately organized into paragraphs?

Fitting Visual Appeal

Though readability and organization are the two most bare essentials in creating a good website, having  fitting visual appeal is essential for adding excitement and interest. Visuals are the most subjective aspect of web design, so this is the part that will be left most up to the creator’s discretion.

  1. Do the colors, fonts, logos, etc., express the mood or feel that you want your brand to have? Every font, color, image, etc. conveys its own unique feel and mood. Design with awareness that every element contributes to the mood of your page.
  2. Try adding some dazzle. This could be through striking colors or imagery, through special effects, or even just through a unique layout.