How to Design a Website in Photoshop with Daniel Walter Scott

Posted in Design

Today, we’d like to recommend a wonderful Photoshop course that teaches beginners how to design a professional website – Daniel Walter Scott’s How to Design a Website in Photoshop which is featured on Udemy, a great online resource to learn just about anything.

There are different options available for learning web design, so how do you know what to choose? Here are the reasons why we highly recommend Scott’s course.

First, this is the course that helped us with web design skills, so our recommendation comes from personal experience.

Second, Scott is a certified Photoshop instructor who really knows his stuff. His course is filled with useful tricks and tips to help you work more efficiently in Photoshop. This is essential for a busy designer. Keyboard shortcuts really do save time and help improve your workflow, and Scott seems to know all of them!

Third, the course is short and to the point. There are no long rambling explanations, which is absolutely fine, but if you need to learn design skills fast, then Scott is the teacher you need.

Fourth, this is a hands-on course; Scott gives you all the materials to follow along, so by the end, you have something to show for your effort. You can compare your work and even get feedback.

Fifth, Scott has a great presentation style and the right amount of humor, so he isn’t annoying. You can enjoy the course while also learning.

Will this course make you an excellent web designer? Not necessarily. But it will give you the tools to build websites, so that you can begin to practice to eventually become a great designer. Like any skill, whether that is writing or painting, greatness comes from hours and hours of practice. Scott can take you from zero knowledge to a good knowledge of web design so that you have enough confidence to start.

So whether you are making a career change or pursuing web design as a hobby, head over to Daniel Walter Scott’s How to Design a Website in Photoshop. Did we forget to mention that the course is now only $12 for a limited time?