GlobeKit Design Review

Posted in Website Design Review

The designers and coders behind GlobeKit have some done some first rate work. GlobeKit is a geographic tool that turns geographic data into interactive experiences as stated on their website.

Now, generally, this is not a tool or topic that we’d explore very much. But GlobeKit sure did spark our interest based on its design alone which goes to show how influential design can be for your brand! It can turn reluctance into interest.

Although on first glance the design might appear complex, it’s actually quite simple. Clear and attractive typography (Roboto which also happens to be the standard font of Google’s Material Design language), vibrant colors and skilled animation make the website come alive. Even the logo for GlobeKit is the most simple you can get, but the creators make it work.
GlobeKit proves that simplicity can be very beautiful and profound. It’s definitely earned our admiration.