Free Vintage Camera Raw Filter Photoshop Action

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Last time we offered a free Black and White Action, so we are continuing the vintage and nostalgic theme with a free Vintage Camera Raw Filter Action!

The vintage effect adds a nostalgic effect to photos. It can take a photo that was taken today and make it appear it was taken 50 years ago. This vintage effect was created through the Camera Raw Filter feature of Photoshop which is a new addition to the Photoshop CC platform.

Photoshop Actions, as I mentioned in the previous Free Black and White Action post, is a wonderful and convenient tool that allows you to change the look of a photo with just one click. It saves photographers and designers lots of precious time.

The effect works nicely for this landscape scene of Melbourne. You can download this beautiful photo at Travel Coffee Book and check out the archive for other wonderful travel photos which are free to use without any copyright restrictions.

Below you can see the original photo and what happened when we added the Vintage Camera Raw Filter effect to the photo.

Photo, Nature, Landscape, Melbourne

Photo, Nature, Landscape, Melbourne

Enjoy and drop us a line at if you’d like to share a photo that you used the Vintage Camera Raw Filter effect on.