Free PSD Template – Amazing Color-Hex Tool

Posted in Free Website Templates

Ridwan Studios is offering this free web agency template in PSD format to download! Yes, it’s free to download and customize.

It uses bold colors to grab attention. Bold colors separate sections of a website without having to use lines or other design elements.

So how did we decide on the colors for our template? We didn’t splash random colors around. Knowing what colors work together is tough! That’s why we always use color-hex. It’s an easy to use color tool that gives information on complementary, analogous, monochromatic and triadic colors.

Need more? Well, it also gives the shades and tints of the color you choose.

Starting off with the design of our free web agency template, we took the two prominent colors from our header photo. I really liked the brown-beige color (I’m a big sepia fan) and using the color pick tool in Photoshop, I got the color hex code. Then color-hex gave me all these various colors that I could use in my design. I love color-hex, and I never design without it!

Design like any other creative pursuit is extremely subjective. What one person loves, another person might hate. So maybe you’re not a fan of the colors we chose, so use the color-hex tool to choose other colors that you like. The template is fully customizable. But I’d definitely keep color-hex tool close by whenever designing.

Enjoy the free PSD template, and let us know if you use it, so we can stop by and see what you've done. We might even feature you in a blog post.