Free Photoshop Masjid Website Template

Posted in Free Website Templates

Ridwan Studios is releasing another free Photoshop website template - this time around we created a Free Masjid Template, diverging from our restaurant, web agency, non-profit and blogging themes.

If you’d like to check out our other free templates, then head over to our Downloads section for lots of freebies including Photoshop actions.

The Masjid Template utilizes various shades of brown and cream to create a consistent look throughout. The design elements are a combination of our own and the talented design of others. As they say, there is really nothing new under the sun and we copy each other.

In terms of font styles, we went with Lato, a favorite of ours that we use quite often. Its clarity does not detract from its attractiveness. Some font styles are very clear to read, but mechanical and sterile - not so with Lato which is why we turn to it for many of our typography needs.

Enjoy our Free Masjid Website Template! And happy photoshopping and designing!