Free Photoshop Dramatic Black and White Action

Posted in Free Photoshop Actions

This is our second offering of a black and white Photoshop action, but this is by far our favorite! The Free Dramatic Black and White Photoshop Action is just that – very dramatic and intense! If you like a light touch with your black and white effect, then this photoshop action may not be for you. You can check out our Free Photoshop Black and White  Action.

However, you can also easily tune down the dramatic effect by playing around with the opacity level. You can do that by first playing the action on your photo. Then, select all the layers in your layer’s panel except for the original image, and put them in one folder. Finally, just choose the opacity level that works for you.

For the photographer image, we tuned down the effect to an 87% opacity level. However, for the second image, we only tuned it down to 97% as we liked how the effect turned the photo into an abstract image. You can see the before and after photos of both images.

As we mentioned in an earlier post about Photoshop actions, they work differently depending on the photo. Not all photos will work equally well with all Photoshop actions.

And before we forget, one quick tip we’d like to share with our followers when using a Photoshop action, make sure to unlock your image before playing the action. Otherwise you might get error messages.

We hope you enjoy our Dramatic Black and White Photoshop Action! And drop us a line in the comments if you use our effect and would like to share your photo.