Free Black and White Photoshop Action

Posted in Free Photoshop Actions

Ridwan Studios is offering another freebie right up on the heels of our free web agency template! This time it’s a free Photoshop black and white action! It’s free to download and use on any of your photos.

So you might be asking, what exactly is a Photoshop action? Actions are a great and convenient feature of Photoshop.

Let’s say you have a particular method to creating black and white photos. Maybe it’s 12 steps, maybe it’s 5 steps, whatever the case, instead of repeating the same steps over and over on photos, Photoshop allows you to record the steps and save it as an action.

Once you’ve recorded and saved your action, you just go into your actions menu in Photoshop, and choose your black and white action effect, click and voila! Your colored photo is now black and white! As designers, we are always trying to save time and make our workflow more efficient, which is why actions are so important in a designer’s toolbox.

On a side and final note, photo effects will look different depending on the photo. Let’s look at the two black and white images below.

Both images have different results even though they are using the same black and white action effect. The cute teddy photo has a soft effect while the bird one has a dramatic effect. The trick is to find the right photo to use for the effect.

Enjoy our free black and white action, and if you have your own to share, drop us a line and let us know so we can try it out!