Design Case Study: Casa Angelina

Posted in Website Design Review

Today we want to look at the official website of the Casa Angelina hotel as part of our design case study series.

Casa Angelina is a luxury hotel on the Amalfi coast in Italy. The hotel has been featured in several famous publications. Here we will look briefly at why we think the website design is both appropriate and amazing.

The color scheme, a mellow grey and white, help to convey the serene and relaxing vibe intended by the brand. How the page gracefully moves and how the graphics slowly slide into place while scrolling bring to mind thoughts of gently moving ocean water, or just the conceptual idea of breezy calm that is so suited to the brand.  

Chosen typefaces invoke to mind the sense of class and elegance which the hotel stands for.

Unique elements in the navigation of the website give it a unique flair. For instance, when visitors click on the nav bar at the top right corner of the page, the website menu cascades from the left hand corner of the screen like a set of cards, filling the entire web page. This and similar techniques throughout the website help to give it that extra special something.

The unique weather forecast widget near the bottom of the page adds an extra element of interest and gives a special ingredient to the brand.